Projects of Current Members

Ejaj Ahmad is the President of the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center working with hundreds of high school students.  Ejaj is currently creating a Fellowship Program for South Asia to train young professionals, between the ages of 23-30, in leadership for peacemaking.

Poonam Singh is the Executive Director of SoulForce, a small organization that trains an economically diverse group of youth leaders in the Palo Alto area on peacemaking. Her family has had a long history in community organizing.  Her Grandparents worked on the Freedom Movement with Gandhi. Poonam would like to use adaptive leadership principles both in the curricula and in organizational development.

Frauke de Weijer has had a significant background in peace building working with tribal leaders in Afghanistan for 7 years.  She is now an independent associate at Peace Nexus.  She is interested in bringing the adaptive leadership framework to her work.  She is currently in the process of designing a training video game based on adaptive leadership principles working with the UN College to train UN Peacekeepers.

Claire O’Connor, formerly with the Labor Party in the UK, has moved to DC where she is exploring what resources are available in the peace education arena. She has just completed a United States Institute of Peace Academy course on mediating violent conflict and is interested in how a course teaching peacebuilders about the framework might be a valuable contribution to USIP. In January, Claire will meet in Israel/Palestine with the Directors of the SHADES program, and will participate in a Train the Trainers program at the National Conservation Training Center facilitated by the Kansas Leadership Center.

Carlos De Paco, Director of the Inter-American Development Bank, is exploring using adaptive leadership projects to address gang violence in Central America.

Aki Morizono, a graduate of the Somerville Academy for Innovative Leadership, is currently a Communications Associate for International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and is exploring how to use adaptive leadership both within her organization as well as in a UN training program for physicians.



Projects of Hugh O’Doherty

United Nations College, Turin, Italy

Hugh recently ran a session on adaptive leadership for 20 of the UN’s major working on the frontline in the most dangerous arenas in the world such as Iraq, Syria, the Congo. He is investigating the opportunities that might exist to influence the College’s approach to teaching leadership.

The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO)

Having presented to the New York regional annual meeting on the topic of peacemaking and identity, Hugh was invited to present at ISPSO’s annual international meeting in Granada in June. ISPSO are interested in partnering to explore the concept of identity as a lens for analysis in dispute resolution.

The Roma Community

Mensur Haliti, who participated in the Leadership for the 21st Century Executive Education program at the Kennedy School, is Senior Program Manager with the Open Society Foundations Roma Project in Budapest. Mensur a member of the Roma community, is working to introduce adaptive leadership to his people to help them address the complex challenges the Roma community face, as a stateless people, in these very challenging times in Europe.

Hope in the Cities

For over two decades Hope in the Cities has helped transform Richmond, VA, from a symbol of racial division to a model for reconciliation. It engages people across the political spectrum and of all cultural and religious backgrounds in experiential learning that addresses topics such as the acknowledgement of history, racism, and honest conversation. Hugh is in dialogue with Rob Corcoran, Director of Hope in the Cities, to partner in introducing leadership education into Hope in the Cities programs.