Our Goals

Providing conflict resolution practitioners with the capacities needed for true cooperation will require interconnected global leadership education. The Leadership and Peacemaking Global Network was created to provide exactly this kind of education.

The technology now exists to put increasing numbers of people in previously unimaginably close communication with one another, allowing us to cross cultural boundaries as never before and to tap the deep instinct in every human heart to cooperate beyond national or ethnic identities.

Today’s technology will provide the platform/hub for connecting conflict resolution practitioners around the world in the development of a global learning community based on the mastery of adaptive leadership principals.

A Bridge between Peace and Leadership

A peace process is not complete until communities who have been former enemies have adapted to a new way of living together. This requires leadership. Too often, in the field of conflict resolution, success is measured in terms of the signing of a peace “agreement.” However, in the absence of the leadership required to hold former enemies through the frightening stage of implementation, when deep fears for survival of identity come into play, agreements collapse, or the parties end up separated by walls constructed to keep them apart, as in Northern Ireland.

Until the present, there has not been a program or process to develop and promote the leadership required to equip peacemakers with the capacities required to hold conflicting parties through the implementation stage of a peace making process so that true peace, not just the absence of violence, is the result.

The Leadership and Peacemaking Global Network envisages a focused learning community or network with the purpose of:

o   Providing training in adaptive leadership to conflict resolution practitioners around the globe

o   Creating a forum for collaborative support network on shared challenges

o    Continuing development of competence in adaptive leadership methodology.  

Our values


All the great spiritual traditions have held out the idea of human connectedness - the idea that humanity is ‘one’. We believe that we’ve arrived at a unique point in history when the human race can truly connect as “one”, beyond national, religious, or ethnic identities.  We have witnessed the power of this coming together in the various “Arab Spring” movements in the Middle East and the “Occupy” movements here in the United States. The phenomenal development of technology, in particular the internet, has made this coming together of the human family not just an idealistic aspiration, but an actual reality.

However, we have also witnessed that without evolved leadership, the energy released through these movements cannot be harnessed in a purposeful way that leads towards progress on the underlying, systemic challenges needing to be addressed for peace on a global scale.